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Partnership Board

What is a Partnership Board and what does it do?

Learning Disability Partnership Boards were set up in 2001 following the introduction of the Government Report Valuing People. Their job is to make sure that different people, organisations and agencies work together to improve the lives of people with learning disabilities.

In 2017 the Lincolnshire Disability Partnership Board started to look at the best way to work.   Click on the new model to see how things will work

The New Board for 2018
The Partnership Board will work in a different way from April 2018.  The Learning Disability Partnership will include lots of people including people with a learning disability and their carers, health and social care professionals and networks across the county. There will also be a meeting of the people in the council whose job it is to make decisions and make things happen for people with a learning disability

The Partnership Board had it’s first meeting on the 17th of May. Here is a picture of the people who were there.


Lorraine Abbott and David Sheardown attended as the voice of people with a learning disability and they were supported by VoiceAbility. Philip Burgess and John Gurney were there as the voice of carers.  At the next meetings we hope to have some young people with a learning disability because the new partnership will be about everyone with a learning disability, not just adults.


We tTORboxalked about what the board should do and we have agreed the how the Terms of Reference, click here to see Lincolnshire LDP TOR Easy Read v1 2018.

You can view the Board Meeting Minutes from May 2018 here.


You can view the Board Meeting Minutes from September 2018:
Easy Read here. The longer version here

You can view the Board Meeting Minutes from

December 2018 – Easy Read here

March 2019 –  Easy Read here

June 2019 – Easy Read here

September 2019 – Easy Read here

Voices For All Meetings

At the December meeting we asked people who have been at the Partnership Meetings to think of a new name, people voted for ‘Voices For All’

December 2018 photos here, minutes here

March 2019 photos here, minutes here.

June 2019 minutes here.

September 2019 minutes here.

December 2019 minutes here.

Dates of all the meetings for 2019 – 2020

We have meetings planned for 2019 and 2020, click here to see the dates.